Benefits of Installing Wireless Security Cameras
Apr 2019

Cameras are becoming more and more important due to increasing crime and theft around us. Cameras can provide us video footage, whether live or recorded. It is due to the presence of surveillance cameras; the police can prevent crimes from happening and quickly solve criminal cases with video evidence. This is the reason why lots of people are protecting their homes and businesses with security cameras. Security cameras that are connected to the internet are the best way to monitor your home and business. They can be viewed from anywhere and anytime with a location that has an internet connection. This allows owners to keep an eye on their property and kids while they are away.

Due to the advancement of technology the use of security cameras has increased, they now come in different shape, sizes, and features. There are also wired securities as well as wireless IP cameras. The Wireless IP Cameras offer much more flexibility as they can be placed anywhere. If you are the who do not have internet connection in your area or do you have internet, but you do not want the Wi-Fi to use too much data, then here is a perfect solution of your problem as you can go with wireless security camera without internet access. These cameras have both the features to use with internet access or without the use of internet access.

Use of Wireless IP Camera without Internet

If you want to install a security camera in the long-range farm, at the warehouse, at the workshop or any other place where there is no internet, you need wireless IP camera with no internet connection. All you need to do is to get a wireless security camera system, with Wi-Fi NVR (Network Video Recorder).

These wireless surveillance camera kits will enable you to do 24/7 surveillance and video recording without the access of internet. The NVR and the camera will automatically connect and communicate with each other without an internet connection.

Use of Wireless IP Camera with Internet

Are you the one who has internet connection but do not want Wi-Fi camera to use all the data, then you can try wireless security IP camera with internet access. You can use the free software of your mobile phone to set up the camera and connect it to the router, connecting the camera with router does not mean that it will use the Wi-Fi all the day long. While connecting it to the mobile phone don't forget to open the motion detection alert. This camera will only use the internet when it finds something around its range or at that time when you want to get any information on the phone.

The wireless security IP camera will not get internet access unless you use your phone to connect to it, or it detects something. In short, the wireless security camera uses the internet only when it is necessary, so it will not eat up unnecessary data. You can also use those cameras which have SD card feature which can store videos for you and also it works same as like Wi-Fi connected cameras.

Security Camera with Remote Viewing without Internet

Are you planning to install a surveillance camera with remote live streaming at your place, but do not want to add network there then is no need to worry. The latest technology of security cameras solves almost every problem of people’s life. For your problem choose the SIM card with a cellular data plan to go with the product.  Based on the mobile data network, it works with all the features like live view on your phone, send notification alerts, detecting something and so on.

If you want to access your camera on HD TV or a monitor connect the NVR to that device for 24/7 monitoring.

For connecting IP camera to PC or computer you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1:  It is mandatory to check that your security camera is appropriately charged.

Step 2: You will need a network cable to connect the camera to the computer.

Step 3: Find the security camera address of your security camera on the computer or laptop.

Step 4: Change the IP address of your computer to the same network prefix of the camera.

After following these steps, your IP camera is connected to the computer with the same LAN now you can monitor everything on your PC or laptop.

Types of Wireless Security Cameras

There are many types of wireless security cameras to choose from some of them are given below:

Battery Powered Cameras:

This security camera type is catching attention for the big reason for its innovative battery-powered design with no wires around. After putting in the batteries this camera is ready to work. Its battery could last for four to six months per charge, or if want to save the battery you can use solar panel as a handy solution to get continuous power. They are highly portable cameras, and you can move it from one place to another without worrying about wires and installation. They are motion detection cameras which only captures the moment when anything happens in its range that means checking the recording is very comfortable in this type of camera.

PTZ Security Camera:

PTZ is one of the most popular camera types for home security; they are known as speed dome cameras that allow you to control the camera pan, tilt and zoom remotely. PTZ Security Cameras have a much larger field of view that have 90 degree of tilt and 360 degrees of pot and it can see far away object clearly by zooming in, this feature makes this camera ideal for outdoor use of the house to cover the backyard and front door.

Bullet CCTV Cameras:

Bullet cameras got their name by their rifle bullet shape, and you can typically see bullet cameras on the street and the supermarkets. This camera has a strong point for individual spaces, with a viewing angle of about 80 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically. The best part of this camera is they come in a minimal size which makes it easier to hide and less noticeable. Plus it has a waterproof component which is ideal for harsh weather.

Dome IP Camera:

As the name suggests dome cameras have dome cover, in this camera it's hard to find what is the angle of this camera. However, it has a fixed view angle of 100 degrees as a bullet camera. it has four times optical zoom feature with a zoom lens


If you are still confused about the various security camera types for home or office or at any place where you want to secure, you can call Morphxstar for concern about the area and type of camera to choose. For comfortable and anytime monitoring remote security camera will going to help you.