P2P Camera- Best Choice to Protect Your Home and Business
Apr 2019

P2P security cameras is a blessing for humanity where you can see things without being present on the site. It refers to a security camera that enables you to connect your camera to your Smartphone, Mac and the desktop windows. The installation is straightforward with this camera. Directly download the QR code, and you can view the activities happening at your home when you are away. If you are buying it for the first time, then you will have a general curiosity to know how this camera works.

How Does It Work?

In simple words, the P2P Camera is a digital video camera that utilizes this Peer to Peer network to establish a connection between the IP security cameras and your Smartphone or desktop through which you will view the activities locally or remotely depending on your requirements. Each of these security cameras is given a specific identification number ID which is used to send a signal to the P2P server through the network of P2P IP camera software to your Smartphone. Once the connection is established, you can start viewing things in real time.

The Uniqueness

Before the advent of the P2P cameras, the remote viewing was done with great difficulty. It used to require a lot of technical configurations such as locating the DDNS server, port forwarding, and several others. Apart from the easy setup and seamless viewing, these cameras give many other advantages.

  • Easy installation, no configuration
    These cameras have successfully tackled many such problems that were found with non-IP P2P cameras. Previously the users had to use his skills in configuring the DDNS set up and forwarding the port to view the footage outside the home area network or remotely to a mobile phone. Nowadays, users need not have to go through such a complicated procedure because everything is pre-configured in modern P2P cameras during the manufacturing stage itself.
  • Seamless viewing
    With this camera, you no longer have this worry that will I be able to connect my mobile to the P2P camera at home while I will away from home? However, you still have to do the port forwarding for remote viewing as many of the web browsers do not possess the required infrastructure.
  • High-quality resolution
    The resolution of these cameras is improving day by day, and you can expect impressive quality images from them. Now, these cameras are designed in a customized manner incorporating different resolutions and ratios.
  • Playback is smooth with this type of camera
    You can quickly view and record everything you see on your camera remotely and save them in your SD card. The benefit is that even if you are not present at the site you can still view the activities later by playing the history of the videos to make sure you do not miss any single move.
  • Easy viewing in multiple devices
    You can see the footage on various methods at the same time. All your family members can view the feeds in a parallel manner.
  • Consistent performance
    The P2P networks perform well across all the instruments, mobile, and windows or Mac. You will not experience any delay in video playing or any loss of connection.

P2P IP Camera VS. Traditional Analog Cameras

Here the question is, do the P2P cameras outperform the traditional security cameras when it comes to their functionalities? It is a huge benefit when you want to safeguard certain areas of your home, for example, your garage where internet access is poor.
  • The first difference can be seen in installation. The P2P works with a UID number through which the signal is sent to the P2P server, and upon further identification, the connection is established between the camera and the app. But the installation of a traditional camera requires a lot of wires and the network availability.
  • You can introduce several networks into a single system of P2P camera, but you cannot exercise this option with a traditional camera as it will need a lot of wires to complete this.
  • P2P IP cameras are less expensive than a conventional security camera. The costs of these cameras have significantly gone down in recent years.

Do you Know The P2P Cameras are Battery Powered?

This gives the additional advantage of capturing any movement, and this helps you see the activities in an exact time frame. In case of any theft or burglary happens at your place you can save the footage to use it in the investigation further. They require less maintenance. Since it is battery powered, you can use it with a memory card and save many such motion videos which you can watch later whenever you want to see them.

Does It Consume High Bandwidth?

The advantage of this camera is that it will consume data only when you are viewing the footage. It will send you an alert the moment it detects any motion.

How Safe are These P2P Security Cameras?

Though technology has made a lot of progress, yet these security cameras are not free from security attacks. Usually, the video of these cameras are encrypted, but the experts recommend every user to conduct server authentication of least two servers to better safeguard the data and connectivity in case a partial break down of the server. The use of VPN, Virtual Private Network is also encouraged while watching the live feeds as it minimizes the risk of attacks on P2P networks. It works as a shield to protect your internet connection. What will I do if my connection is lost while connecting to it from a remote area?

This might happen due to low internet access of the area, incorrect outing password or a total WIFI failure. You can employ these steps in such instances-

  • Check if it is appropriately connected to the internet
  • Check if the P2P feature is enabled in your camera
  • Be sure to use the right username and password for your security camera
  • Upgrade your system with the latest version of the software

Why do I Face Problems with Camera ID?

Often, the users face problems of an invalid ID showing up at the time of setting up the P2P cameras. When you encounter this issue, you should temporarily delete the device and try a few times later. Sometimes this might happen due to compatibility problem when a user is running it on third-party software. This problem is mostly seen with the reselling cameras. Therefore it is essential to buy a security camera from an authorized supplier.

Final Words

As you see P2P security cameras help you to monitor the activity of your home or office with less effort. They are popularly used as home security cameras because of their less complicated nature. If you want to install a genuinely flexible camera at your home, then there is no better option than this. These security cameras are of high quality, and you can rest assured about the safety of your home. To buy the best security camera for your home, you must talk to a trusted provider as choosing the right camera is not comfortable depending on your requirements. Many such technical things are needed to be taken under consideration while buying them, and only an expert dealer will know that.