Getting Started with NVR Kit

A security camera system is a whole video surveillance system connected together by a series of security cameras and network video recorders, providing reliable video monitoring around your home and business. You can DIY a security system with Reolink NVR and cameras per your requirements and current situation, here are three common connection way for your reference.

  1. The Whole NVR Kit

  2. PoE NVR and WiFi Cameras

  3. New PoE NVR and Existing Cameras

The Whole NVR Kit

You can click to choose the most suitable kit per your requirement. With Reolink, you can browse by 16-channel and 8-channel PoE security camera systems, for super HD, or even 4K reliable videos. The camera in the kit should work with the NVR, the kit cannot be split.

Note: The camera within the NVR kit does not have the UID, you can't remote access them separately.

PoE NVR and WiFi Cameras


WiFi cameras also can work with the PoE NVR, you need to connect your WiFi camera to the same router your PoE NVR connecting to.

New PoE NVR and Existing Cameras


If you've purchased the cameras before and purchase an NVR to work with those cameras recently, there're two different ways of powering your IP cameras:

a. Power the IP cameras via the PoE NVR. You may connect the IP cameras to the PoE NVR directly via an Ethernet cable. (An Ethernet cable is also needed during the initial setup for WiFi cameras)

b. Power the IP cameras using a DC power adapter. For PoE cameras, you may connect the camera to the same router that the NVR is connected to; for WiFi cameras, select the WiFi of the router that the NVR is connected to.