How To Record To The SD card

Open a browser window on your PC or laptop. Enter the IP address of the camera into the address bar to bring up the cameras login screen. Login to the camera.

In order to record to the SD card you will need to go to the storage option in the configuration menu.


  1. Click ‘Configuration’

  1. Click ‘Storage’
  2. Click ‘Schedule’



Record -

Enable - this must be enabled for the camera to record.

Pre-record - this setting applies to motion triggered recording. This is the length of video recorded before the motion event.

Stream - You have 2 options Mainstream or Substream.

Substream uses lower video settings to accommodate easier remote viewing from a mobile app or from a browser. Recording in substream - having lower resolution, lower frame rate and lower bit rate, will require less hard drive space and will extend the number of days the NVR will record before over writing. For the higher quality video recordings choose Mainstream.



Most users chose mainstream as the stream to record. The higher video settings in mainstream result in high resolution detailed images.


Overwrite - This must be enabled to allow the camera to continue recording once the SD storage is full, by overwriting the oldest recorded videos.

Record package - The time span or how many minutes of recorded video of each video file. CLICK SAVE


  1. Click ‘Schedule’ to open the record schedule settings.

Select the ‘7*24’ option box for continuous recording 7 days a week. 24hrs per day. Click save.


Select the ‘Schedule’ option box to customize the recording settings.

The schedule is set from 12am to 11:59pm. See the example below, the camera is set to record everyday from 6pm to 9am. This requires setting the 12:00am to 9:00am for period 1 and then 18:00pm to 11:59pm for period 2.

Choose the day/days of the week to record, or select all to apply 7 days a week.

Click SAVE



The camera is now set to record to the SD card.