WiFi cameras are hugely popular, but are WiFi cameras right for you?


WiFi ? Or not to to WiFi? That is the Question. Wreless cameras are quickly gaining popularity. Eager to become the proud owner of a brand new wireless camera? Tempted by the convenience of easy installation? Motivated by the affordability with minimal installation cost? Wireless cameras have plenty to offer, in return, they have some requirements as well.

Let's start with a quick reality check. Three factors you need to provide for when installing wireless security cameras.

POWER - Wireless cameras do not require CAT5 cable from the camera all the way back to the PoE switch or router. However, they do still require a power supply and power source. Whether you plug into a nearby wall outlet or run power some distance is an import factor that should be considered when planning your install.

WIFI SIGNAL - Strong WFi signal at the location you install the camera is very important if not the most important requirement of wireless cameras. Our technicians offer this tip:  Download a wifi signal app like ‘Open Signal' for Android and iOS, on to your cell phone, use the app to test the signal strength at the exact spot you want to install a camera. Areas with weak signal may require a hardwired connection to the camera. Read more about routers, wifi signal and improving your wifi

INTERNET SPEED - Wireless cameras need to connect to the cloud to stream and record video. It is important your network has enough bandwidth to support your wireless cameras AND the needs of all the other wireless devices connecting to your network, such as cell phones, laptops, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, home automation system, security monitoring services etc. High-speed internet service is a must. Sufficient upload speed is critical. Figure 10mg upload per wireless camera, less than 10mg can result in cameras that are less than stable. If your internet speed does not measure up, contact your ISP to see what options are available for upgrading your service. Read more about Internet Speed and Wireless Cameras with a bandwidth calculation chart.

Preparing for these three factors before installing wireless cameras will prevent poor camera placement, installing more wireless cameras than your network is capable of supporting and most of all avoid the frustration of less than consistent camera performance.